Why Fall Enlivens Us

Image  I love this time of year (could my birthday have anything to do with this? Yes.) The weather cools and we get the much needed chance to take stock. Crisp air cleanses our environment and falling leaves of oranges, browns and reds will soon blanket our walkways. 

It is a time to start over, or perhaps review, as the world resets with refreshing clarity. Summer’s hiatus abates (although I love Summer’s opportunity to slow down) and life gets more real. Perhaps all those years of returning to school in this season has elicited a Pavlovian response from me, but a seriousness returns to life, with routines,  responsibilities, and warmer clothing. 

The new season brings a reviving energy that brings my mind, body and soul to life. Cool air fills my nostrils, adding a spring to my step that Summer’s heat ultimately slowed and expunged. 

Let’s commit to positive changes for ourselves, our loved ones, and our world. Change can begin with something as simple as a single thought or action; be nicer to a neighbor, help an elderly person with groceries, hug a child. New thinking can lead to new action which can lead to different results. We never know where life will take us but if we can buoy others, and they us, it seems a step worth taking.

Please share your thoughts about what the season of Fall means to you, and what changes (if any) have occurred in your lives. Namaste.

About wendykarasin

I am complicated and seeking - joy and sorrow, country and city, competition and cooperation. After behavior of a gregarious nature, I require down time to refuel. My loves are children, family, friends, reading, writing, blogging, fitness, and health. I feel most alive when I stay true to my core values. Beauty makes me happy, pain helps me grow.
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