Thirteen Days

Scattered and happy, I haven’t been writing much. It has been thirteen days since my last post. Yoga this morning was peaceful, invigorating and educational. This young yogi is not your typical instructor. She doesn’t look or act the part. But she delivers. She chants, has you hold poses longer than you think possible (sometimes longer than is possible) and talks about heavy stuff that she effortlessly infuses in conversation throughout her hour and a half class.

She gets what I wrote my memoir about. Death, and how awareness and compassion can teach us how to live. “Have your goals” she says, “but remember to live your life in accordance with your values as you move toward reaching them. Bring peace into your life outside this studio, every day.”

She’s surprisingly wise for a person so young (20’s) and I find her funny, engaging, approachable. Today after class I walked up to her, threw my arms around her in an embrace, and stood there. I am a hugger. It grounds me, particularly when the embrace is returned, no hurry, no sense of moving past it, just the two of us there, with it, in it, sharing energy and space.

My energy mingles well with hers. You know how you just know, with certain people, that it’s working. Smooth, effortless, amicable, combining. Two different people, sharing a space, comfortable in their own skin.

We inhaled breaths filled with white light from the crown of our heads to the base of our spines – inspiration. We exhaled white light that expanded into every cell within our bodies – transformation.

One leaves peaceful. One leaves clear. One leaves connected. 



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Day of Reckoning

Make that days of reckoning. It feels as though I haven’t posted in ages. There is a reason for that. I’m working diligently on filling out the submission form to Balboa Press – which sounds simple.

The form wants a lot of information. The manuscript (which is the easy part), a bio, blurbs for the back cover, blurbs for the front flap of the hard cover, keynotes, inside the book sections, size of book (which would have been easier if they made available the sizes I want), pictures for the front cover, pictures for the inside of the book, I can go on. A simple task this is not. But it is progress. Be careful what you wish for, I was told.

I work to balance my excitement with reality. Some moments are more jam-packed than others. I missed yoga today to work, but I will not miss James Taylor tonight at Jones Beach! I speak with a team member tomorrow, and I promise to keep you updated. Please feel free to ask questions regarding this self-publishing process – it is important that we writers be here for one another!

And ‘shower the people we love with love’.

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Flood Lights on Publishing!

Balboa – Bout One

  1. Fascinating stuff — this whole new world of self-publishing. Perhaps you could write a post on how you picked this press over the others? All the best with this venture!

    This was her request, I answered her but realized my answer was hastily conceived. It was a fairly long and involved process. At first I went traditional – as in sending queries to traditional publishers, waiting to hear back, or not – as they are inclined to do. Some wrote back stating that this type of ms. was not for them, or they reached their quota. Try again in the spring, fall, summer. Some gave feedback – loved your writing, I cried at your descriptions, haunting, etc – but memoirs written by unknowns are a hard sell.

    Eventually I accepted the fact that the likelihood of a traditional, even small, press accepting the economic output for me was slim. I went into crazy editing mode. Again. Then I was given wise counsel to just do it! It’s good enough. Manage my expectations and get the story out there. Let it live, breath, walk on its own. It was doing nobody any good sitting within the confines of my computer.

    So I checked into a few self publishers. I won a contest at SOOP – and thought that might work. But I wasn’t happy with the contract or the fact that I had to secure large numbers of pre-orders. Bye. Then I looked into Turning Press, Lulu, and Balboa. I liked the people at Balboa and the fact that they were connected to Hay House – which could (maybe) be useful for a book like mine. This is a gamble, friends – but one worth taking if you want to see your book in print.

    I do intend to keep a running commentary of anything that seems useful to report. If anyone has specific questions they’d like answered, like Stephanie, please feel free to ask. These are my opinions of course, but the process of inquiry does shed light on a topic that needs large floods coming in from as many directions as possible.




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Balboa – Bout One

It is my intention to report my experiences regarding this (new to me) journey to publish my book. Last Friday I made the commitment to work with Balboa Press. They took my personal and credit card information and we discussed a payment plan. Today the agreement I am to sign electronically arrives in my inbox. Yay.

Lesson one: Always (no, not sometimes, not often, ALWAYS) read what you sign. I am not a lawyer, I am a creative person – but we must use our brains. On the last page of an eight page agreement, is the incorrect payment plan, which I did not agree to on our taped phone conversation, and which favored – let’s take a guess here – not me.

It’s interesting and I don’t want to make this a self-fulfilling prophesy (on the contrary I want to believe that the parent company – Hay House – will live up to their spiritual beliefs and do the right thing) but my antennae are raised. I don’t want to wishful think my way through this process, it’s too important, I want to be real.

The person I had many conversations with, before signing, sounds sincere. Of course I have the irritating belief that people are genuinely nice, (even when they aren’t). Although she seems to be, and it is possible that the mistake wasn’t intentional (not that sloppy work is any excuse) I am reserving judgment.

This journey will be an interesting one. How quickly will they respond to my queries? Are they mistake-prone? Are they intentional and respectable (as their brand suggests)? I have no issue with Balboa making money, as long as they do what they agree to do, and produce a professional looking book.

I am still a believer in the process. Perhaps doing a few peace-inducing yoga poses wouldn’t hurt. I shall keep you informed regarding responses, behaviors and assuredly this ever-exciting process.

Onward. Deep breath. Down dog.


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My dear readers,

I have exciting news to share! I have signed with Balboa Press, a division of Hay House, to self-publish my memoir, Passing Through. 


Many of you have gotten to know my parents, in some form or function, through my posts. Who they were, how they loved, and what they meant (and mean) to me. Sending this tribute of love and devotion into the world, is my offering to the people that raised me, nurtured and protected me, taught me to be brave and strong. It would not be an understatement to say I owe them everything (or at least a whole lot).


Please stay tuned for updates on the book’s progress. I hope to offer the option of pre-ordering very soon!

Your readership, comments and continued support are greatly appreciated,

Wendy Karasin (almost published author!)

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At Least For Today!

saying for self esteem'happinessThe bad news is this WRITING 101 challenge has been (close to) a complete bust (I have managed to get a challenge or two completed, but not much more). The good news however – is that I’m close enough to taste the self publisher I will use to print my book, Passing Through. The extensive amounts of time and energy I have spent on this (gy-normous – please don’t tell me it’s not a word) detail have been seismic. Who? How? Why? What package? Geez!

Anyway, things are picking up. Fast. I am being interviewed by blog talk radio this week (can you believe?) and I will have the contract by next week. Then comes soooo much: cover design, internal formatting, photos to be added in the middle, bio, blurbs on back cover (hi Mimi!), book photo of me (yikes), final galleys, etcetera.


I am enamored, excited, nervous – you name it, I feel it! There is an aliveness to putting my ass on the line that little else rivals. Everything I do, even minor daily activities, is filled with a sense of purpose, depth and joy. Yoga, food shopping, phone calls. An energy that leaves no space for nonsense. No time. No interest. No need. I am enlivened, filled with the passion of a message delivered. Today, just today – is unlimited!

Celia Rhodes Photography

Celia Rhodes Photography

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To Adverb or Not – That is the Question

Writing 101, Day Eight: Death to Adverbs

How does one write without adverbs? Not sure but that’s the test. Let’s have at it! (I’m not even sure I know what an adverb is…)

The afternoon was long with nothing but emails, a prospectus and Dr. Phil to fill it. The temperature was a warm 78 degrees with  welcomed ocean breezes coming through the windows. I had stuff to do before my dinner appointment, but the weather made me lazy. And apathetic.

I wanted to play, have fun, visit a friend, dance in the sprinkler. My responsible Virgo side snuffed that, reminding me that once what had to get done was completed – I could enjoy my evening. It is the way my mind works.

The flowers were calling – their colors bright and loud. Come outside, hang with us, maybe water us? “No,” I answered. “Not now. Stop it!” Am I the only one that talks to flowers?

Emails sorted, Dr. Phil watched, prospectus getting there. Off to meet my friend for dinner. I have decided in this time period (assuming I haven’t used adverbs – please advise if otherwise) that I like them and prefer them in my writing. Long live adverbs! (I may have found my future cause.)

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